1.    Strasbourg, where entrepreneurship thrives

In the heart of Europe and with 35 million inhabitants within a 200 km radius, Strasbourg really is at the centre of things!

3rd-ranked French city for entrepreneurship (Entreprendre magazine, Nov/Dec 2012)

  • Leading French city (after Paris) for its metropolitan functions and its socio-economic ecosystem, (BBSR2010 classification)
  • 3rd-largest service centre in France, after Paris and Lyon
  • 4th highest NDP/ head
  • Leading French region for direct inward investment

Strasbourg is also a centre for innovation, with its 5 competitiveness clusters, including 2 internationally renowned clusters in healthcare and vehicles of the future.

Centres of excellence provide a focal point for synergies and foster the pooling of talent, creativity and success.

The PH8, the Innovation Park, the Seegmuller creative and cultural centre (Photos + films)


Highly affordable service-sector real estate makes Strasbourg one of the major conurbations in France.

An excellent quality of life and a highly skilled workforce, along with reasonable pay levels mean Strasbourg is an excellent place to locate a company.

With a comprehensive public transport system, over 530 km of cycle tracks, a cycle sharing scheme and a specially formulated cycling code, Strasbourg is the most cycle friendly city in France and also a genuine laboratory for innovative mobilities and soft transport modes.


Intercompany travel schemes can be developed directly with companies to help employees reach their companies more easily.

A dedicated team will help you provide you with all the help and assistance you need to set up your company.

Choosing Strasbourg is the key to success!