Journalist at Zut, Presenter on Grandes Girls

A pen-wielding trendsetter or a genuine all-rounder? Caroline is certainly a bit of both. She’s a journalist for local online magazine Zut, where she writes the section on Strasbourg, she’s the queen of PR and the co-founder and (loud) voice of local radio programme, Grandes Girls. She knows Strasbourg like the back of her hand and is a huge supporter of the city, both professionally and privately.

Why did you come to live in Strasbourg?

I came with my parents when I was 10 and I’ve been here ever since. I live here, I did my studies here, I work here and I’ve had lots of great times here.

How, jobwise, is Strasbourg the place to be?

There’s a huge amount of culture here, an enormous amount of things which I use a lot as subject matter both in Zut and Les Grandes Girls 

What for you is the most moving thing about Strasbourg?

Essentially its human side.

When you have visitors, what kind of idea do they have of Strasbourg and what do they think once they’ve got to know the city better?

They’re very pleasantly surprised. Generally speaking, they don’t imagine how lively Strasbourg is, there’s always a moment when they suddenly come out with “Wow, it’s actually a really cool place!”.

How do you see Strasbourg in 10 years?

It’ll be even more cosmopolitan. I can see it more European than it already is, even better looking, with dynamic new urban architecture and developments, and a lot more greenery in the city.

Optimism is… ?

… me ! [Laughter]

What makes you an optimist?

People and the things they come up with. Great ideas are born and live in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg – best on foot, on a bike, on an electric scooter, by tram or by bus?

Definitely by bike – I spent the whole of my life cycling. The bike’s like my handbag, it’s my fashion accessory.

A circuit you can recommend?

I cycle all round the city, I love cycling along the waterfront. My favourite spots are place Saint-Étienne, the Krutenau and the city centre.

The best place for chilling?

I’m there all year round, I like to sit there and chill, read or have a drink. It’s L’Atlantico, on quai des pêcheurs, on the riverside. I’m right in the centre of the city, but without the crowds.

A song for walking round the city?

It depends when. At the moment I’ve got 2 songs, written and sung by women. La Grenade by Clara Luciani, because it’s perfect when I’m at the office, and Izia’s La Vague, it really gets me moving.

What to eat in Strasbourg ?

Alsatian, obviously, but not only Alsatian and that’s one of the great things about Strasbourg. There are such a lot of restaurants, each with their own thing, there’s a huge choice.

A perfect Sunday morning in Strasbourg ?

It’s so yuppy-like, what I’m going to say… [Laughter] After a night out, you get up, you do a bit of yoga, and then you go and have brunch in one of the great places open on Sunday.