In Strasbourg, we’re such optimists that we’re already playing around with the solutions of tomorrow. Here we introduce you to the new messenger system we’ve come up with.

There are 8 of them, all fine upstanding characters, and all COOs! They play an iconic role with a special link to Strasbourg life. And to celebrate this link, we’ve created a position that could only be claimed by Strasbourg: COO (Chief Optimist Officer).

Their mission ? (which they have chosen to accept) They are to be the public face of optimism, showing the dynamism of an energy-filled city which turns everybody into optimists. They are committed, enthusiastic, connected, idealistic and generous. They want to talk about and share their experience of a city where the people you meet, the connections you have and the opportunities you can grasp are fertile ground for optimism.

In short, the 8 COOs are our dream team, brought together by shared values to take part in a two-year experiment set to continue until 2020.

Would you like to be part of it? You’d love to be a COO? Hold your horses a moment, the first thing is to become a Resoptimist and then follow Caroline, Alain, Emeline, Thierry, Sokhna, Luc, Jean-Daniel and Frank… to become a Europtimist with Strasbourg.