The major Strasbourg development projects

Strasbourg is a regular exhibitor at Paris’ SIMI trade show (5 to 7 December 2018).
3 days and a networking evening to promote land and building opportunities in and around the city.

There is no shortage of real estate and land for businesses in Strasbourg!
Confirmation for this came from Chantal Lutter, head of the Meilleurtaux Strasbourg-Illkirch agency, on the mieuxvivre-votreargent website, when she said, “there are a lot of opportunities in Strasbourg and in the Eurometropolis.


The 2018 SIMI real estate show in Paris was the ideal opportunity for showcasing the City’s major real estate developments. What were the main features?

• Archipel, the international business district
A huge business district (200,000 m2), right next to the European district, launched in late 2017 in several stages and due for completion in 2023. The development includes 45,000 m² in different parcels for office space (adidas and Crédit Mutuel have already signed), 30,000 m² for European institutions, 10,000 m² for hotel facilities, 250 homes, one underground car park and 2000 m² for neighbourhood shops. The aim of the project is to underscore Strasbourg’s positioning in the international services sector.

• The Deux-Rives development
The final part of the project opening Strasbourg out to Germany, Deux-Rives is the new district linking Heyritz to the Rhine. With its many unique features, including the site of the much-loved old Coop group, the development includes both business and solidarity projects, housing, offices, artist studios and cultural and leisure centres. The overarching aim of the new district is to spark new threads of cross-border cooperation, underpin Strasbourg’s position as a major inland port and drive the city’s determinedly ecology-friendly policy through the Ecocité project, combining initiatives such as social and environmental innovations and the Elithis positive-energy tower block.

• Nextmed
The medical technologies campus was created in 2012 right in the middle of the city! It’s an excellent example of Strasbourg’s collaborative and multidisciplinary initiatives, bringing together as it does researchers, doctors and MedTech companies. The latest part of the project, the Technoparc, was completed in late 2018 and will be hosting companies of all sizes in healthcare-related sectors, with rental costs in line with the individual company or start-up’s maturity.
Sectors: minimally invasive surgery, medical robotics, implants and biomaterials, E-health.

• Illkirch innovation park
170 hectares devoted to research and innovation, in direct contact with the University of Strasbourg (Télécom Physique Strasbourg, the National School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg, the International Space University), research laboratories, business and corporate centres and an incubator. The Illkirch Innovation Park is a genuine benchmark for high technologies and the industry of the future!

To find out more, listen to the interview with Robert Herrmann, President of the Eurometropolis, given to the official radio of the SIMI trade show.

Robert Herrmann, President of the Eurometropolis, guest of, at the SIMI trade show.

Strasbourg On Board, after SIMI

Local councillors, real estate professionals, investors, companies and universities got together on board one of Eurometropolis partner CroisiEurope’s boats for post-SIMI discussions.

Memories, memories :

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