Strasbourg and Japan's crafts ecosystems are rolling together and the special relationship continues!

While we all know how closely Strasbourg’s arts and culture scenes are in tune with each other, the city has also steadily been turning into one of the main hubs for the applied arts trade in both France and Europe

The Résonance applied arts fair in November has carved out an enviable reputation for itself, bringing in some 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors every year since 2012.

France and Japan have enjoyed over 160 years of successful commercial and diplomatic relations and Japan was the guest of honour for the 2018 Résonances. The chemistry there between the 2 countries was immediate and the skills of the Strasbourg craftsmen and women were a big hit with their Japanese counterparts.

After the fair, a delegation from Strasbourg was invited to go over to Osaka, Takayama and Nagoya to take part in conferences and visit Japanese studios and factories. One of the highpoints was the delegation’s visit to the Japanese woodcraft ecosystem, accompanied by well-known designers including Jun Yasumoto and Atelier Takumi’s Yannick Chadet-Dufait.

A unique series of collaborative initiatives is opening up between Japan and Strasbourg!

The official invitation extended by Inoue MIKIHIRO, secretary-general of the Japan Wood-Products Export Association is highly unusual and bears eloquent witness to the vibrancy of Strasbourg’s craftwork, not to mention the highly attractive facilities introduced by the city and the incomparable potential of local craftspeople.

Strasbourg, with its French touch, has formed a mutually beneficial partnership with the Japanese ecosystem, where shared skills and original design promise a highly rewarding future!

Laetitia Koenig for Europtimist. Credit : Caroline Gomes