Before it became the venue for Ososphère, Strasbourg’s well-known digital arts and electronic music festival, and for the Festival Street Bouche street food celebration, the COOP was for more than a century the headquarters of the Coopé cooperative society.
Located by the Rhine, halfway between Germany and France, the Coopé occupied the whole of the site until 2015, when the land was bought by the SPL Deux-Rives, the city’s urban development company.

The aim was to create a genuine social, business and cultural centre for citizens of Strasbourg and of Kehl!

What’s next?

The project has been building up steam since 2015 and it’s right on track. The new centre will be both collaborative and citizen-led, a hub for business and industry and a centre for creativity and digital. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one of the places-to-be in the European capital. Summer 2019 will see the start of an important phase of the project, with the refurbishment of several buildings.

A call for projects for renovating the Cave à Vins !

The Cave à Vins, or wine cellar, is an iconic part of the COOP, spread over some 11,000 m². The cellar is to be divided up into a number of smaller spaces, for events and cultural and socio-economic activities. The call for projects for the spaces was launched on 13 February 2019 and we’re currently receiving proposals from companies, restaurants and craftsmen.

If you’re interested in the challenge, click here for all the information you need for submitting your project.
Let’s all play a part in renovating the Cave à Vins!