We meet Charles Du Couëdic De Kerérant, teacher of private law and Alumni Ambassador of the University of Strasbourg to the United Kingdom.

What can you tell us about your professional and academic career?

I started studying law in 2010 and graduated with a double degree in French and English law from the universities of Leicester and Strasbourg. I spent 2 years in Leicester and then in Strasbourg, followed by a Masters 2 in business law in Strasbourg, before going back to London to do an LL.M in Legal Practice / Legal Practice Course, the course you have to take if you want to become a solicitor. I’m now doing a thesis co-directed by Strasbourg and Exeter. I teach English and French business law to Masters 2 business-law students in Strasbourg and I’ve also been a lecturer in private law at Paris Dauphine University since October last year. Outside academia, I’m General Secretary of the Franco-British Lawyers Society.

How would you describe your experience at the University of Strasbourg?

I spent 3 great years in Strasbourg. I was lucky enough to have excellent teachers and also to play a role in a number of associations and societies. I was on the Law Faculty Council for 3 years and President of the MédiaDroit association. Strasbourg is also a fantastic starting point for what relaxes me best, which is walking for hours in wonderful scenery. Possibly even more importantly, it was in Strasbourg that I made many lasting friendships.


What role does being Ambassador of the City and University of Strasbourg play in your daily life?

I’ve been Alumni Ambassador to London since 2015, alongside Dr. Françoise Orlov. My role is representing and promoting the University of Strasbourg, whenever this is possible. There’s a very active French community in London, which gives me ample opportunity to make the most of my role, and I also often meet up with the Association of Alsatians in the UK. One of the main events I take part in is the Forum of French and Franco British Associations, which is held every year in London. I’m also in close contact with the French Embassy and Consulate in London and am a regular attendee at their functions. I use these occasions to talk about our University and magnificent city with all the people I meet.

What project you have for the future? 

I intend to start work as a solicitor soon in a legal practice, although I’ll carry on teaching at the faculty, as it’s such a rewarding experience.