Brothers Alain and Michel Wilmouth started off 2CRSI in a garage (remind anyone of Microsoft, with Bill Gates and Paul Allen?) in 2005 and today it’s a listed company!
The company makes high-performance servers – but not only that – and its rise is set to continue.

Is it enough to tailor supply to market demand?
That, in any case is what the meteoric rise of 2CSRI might lead you to believe. Everything began in a garage in 2005, when the two Wilmouth brothers started off “humbly”, offering advice to companies on information system solutions.
What they did, basically, was to conceptualise servers, but they soon realised that the ones they could find weren’t powerful enough and the only solution was to come up with their own designs.

2 years later, they hired their first engineer and started a research and development office.
The idea, as Managing Director Emmanuelle Ruffenach explains, was to “offer IT concepts that nobody else had – bespoke, turnkey solutions made in France and Europe. We really are in a high-end positioning.” 2CSRI pays close attention to component quality and origin and focuses on local supply chains, while seeking low-energy consumption solutions for “powering the servers”.

High-end servers

2CRSI designs and makes servers for a variety of applications, ranging from high-performance calculations for research (IRCAD is a customer of theirs) to the more modest needs of gaming. The company makes servers, offers storage solutions and software recovery and converged platforms (high performance and high storage capacity), for the medical, banking, industrial and military sectors. 2CRSI can meet just about any need! “There hasn’t been a spec we haven’t been able to meet yet” claims Ruffenach.

The company now makes immersion-cooled servers, whereby the server is cooled and the energy produced redistributed – technology which has seen 2CRSI win 2 prizes for innovation in Alsace and brought in orders from major companies such as Dassault Aviation and Free. The company has now started operations in Paris, in San Jose (California), Manchester and Dubai, and was listed on the stock market in June 2018.

Alsace is a region which is quite advanced digitally, due to its high optic fibre coverage, and this is quite unusual in France.

Emmanuel Ruffenach, managing director

The company certainly hasn’t forgotten its origins, and it has a number of Alsatian suppliers. “Alsace,” says Ruffenach, “is a region which is quite advanced digitally, due to its high optic fibre coverage and this is quite unusual in France. In Strasbourg, very small companies are also highly innovative and play an important role in the business fabric. All this creates a favourable environment for innovation.” Since it was started, 2CRSI has seen “net sales go up tenfold” and “at the speed with which its growing” it’s obvious they’re not going to stop there!

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